My Journey through “Dis-Ease”

Alison Bastarache

Often a healer does not connect to their inner wisdom until they have experienced a physical or mental crisis that stops them in their tracks and forces them to come to terms with their reality. My mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2002, shortly after I started experiencing symptoms including numbness and double vision leading to a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis.  My body literally forced me to stop – my vision was crossed, my left side was numb from head to foot - I could not drive, work or take care of my family. My first reaction was fear of the unknown and the future of my family and myself. 

My recovery began slowly with a month of steroids and bed rest before my vision returned to normal and the numbness began to dissipate. With two young kids, a husband, a job and a dying mother I had lost all confidence in my ability to function. 

I was determined to heal myself and return to my life in full capacity. My Naturopath worked with me to deal with allergies, detoxification and life style changes. I started practicing Yoga, which led me to meditation and the study of energy and chakras.

Cranial Sacral treatments opened me to a world of connection and awareness thus leading me to Reiki. In 2009 I took my Reiki Level I – I was immediately hooked! I continued with Level II and then finished my Masters Level in September 2013.

My journey’s path embraces sharing this wisdom and hope for healing with others through teaching, meditation, channeling and energy treatments.

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