Alison is a powerful, dedicated, caring healer who leads and guides with her heart to heal with her hands. She is a true force of power and beauty in this world with deep caring and understanding of her spiritual nature. 

J.P. Aug. 2015

Having participated in numerous reiki shares in many locations I can honestly say that Alison’s “Enhancement Energy Share” was the most relaxing, yet invigorating, of them all!

The intrinsic energy of the Many Mansions Spiritual Centre combined with Alison’s skill as a facilitator and her compassionate personality as a teacher and healer, created this unique experience.

The word “share” describes the invigorating interaction with the other participants and the opportunities Alison provided for us to benefit from each others’ experience and experiences.  

Brian Gray Jan. 2016

Thank you Alison for your distant reiki share. It was the most amazing feeling I have ever felt. I instantly knew when it began because the energy was so strong and healing. Luckily I was lying on the couch when you started. Thank you so much for such an amazing healing experience. Such a beautiful gift of love and light. Huge amounts of gratitude!!! Love and light. 

Jenn Foster Jan. 2016

I attended the Reiki Share in January at Many Mansions in Hamilton. The space was very inviting with lots of room to move around. The attendees were open in offering their healing skills and no one was left out.  The energy in the room was very loving and harmonious. 

C.L. Jan. 2016


Reiki shares at Many Mansions are just that, sharing. I have attended a number of the Reiki shares and my experience of the sessions Alison facilitates to be unique each time.  The exchange of energy with the vortex and the people "working" on you to be an amazing combination. Thank You Alison and those loving souls who attend. 

C.S. Feb. 2016

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