Reiki is an amazing technique using universal life force energy for healing. It is holistic, because it brings balance and harmony to the body, mind, emotions and spirit. Reiki is fun to do and includes easy-to-learn techniques, which are energizing for both the giver and the receiver. The extraordinary energy of Reiki opens the energy field and offers a deeper level of spiritual awakening for anyone who is attuned to it. It is a unique and powerful method, which may be used alone or in combination with hypnotherapy, massage or other healing modalities. 

Reiki is a method of hands-on healing that connects us with the healing powers each of us has within ourselves. Hands-on healing is a natural part of the human experience. When a child is hurt, his mother puts her hand on the painful area to make it better. When we injure ourselves, we instinctively use the energy in our hands to ease the pain. Tapping into the energy of Reiki is a way to develop these natural abilities to help ourselves and others to heal.

Reiki energy also contains a mysterious ability to connect us with ourselves at a deeper level where we can recognize the magnificent spirit within. At this monumental time in human history, when all of humanity is preparing to open to the spirit within and shift to a higher level of reality, Reiki energy can provide a deep level of healing for all of humanity. 

 Reiki is traditionally taught in three degrees. Each of the three degrees of Reiki include the learning of new skills in energetic healing, as well as opening channels in the student through the "attunements", which allow the energy field to receive and transmit energy more powerfully. This naturally results in adjustments, which may include detoxification or "clearing" symptoms, as the student’s energy field realigns to the new flow of energy.

The Three degrees of Reiki

First Degree: Unlocks the ability to use Reiki for direct hands-on healing. This degree includes the use of one symbol and attunement by a person who has received the third degree attunement and training. It takes three or four weeks to adjust to the Reiki I attunement.

Second Degree: This level provides tools for sending Reiki long distance and for the use of Reiki on the mental level. It includes the use of three symbols and an attunement by a person who has received the third degree attunement and training. Adjustment to this level sometimes includes some deep emotional reflection or soul searching which can take several months. Second degree is also known as the Practitioners level.

Third Degree, Reiki Master: This level further unlocks the power of Reiki. Most participants will feel a major shift in their intuition or spiritual awareness as soon as they commit to this level. It includes learning how to teach Reiki to others and provide attunements. This level includes the use of one additional symbol and attunement by a person who has received the third degree attunement and training.

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